Music Library

Maxy Sound Music Library is a production music catalogue directed at PR, advertisers and communication professionals.
Television and radio commercials, educational DVDs, websites, video games, documentaries and footages of every kind and purpose need a perfect background music in order to communicate their contents in the most effective manner possible. Obtaining a legal license for famous songs and well-known pieces of music can be a very expensive, as well as a very tedious venture. Maxy Sound Music library was born to fulfil the needs of those professionals who desire to add to their products legal and high quality music at a competitive price.

Our Library includes more than 300 music tunes, sorted into 9 different categories: Backgrounds, Movie, Solo, Ethno, Power, Jingles, Tension, Christmas and Children. The demo library includes all the tracks in mp3 high-quality format.

For further information about the Music Library send us an e-mail.