Recording Studio

Maxy Sound is a production music company founded in 1999 by the composer, lyricist, arranger and sound engineer Massimiliano (Max) Titi.

Over the years the recording studio has worked for some of the most talented artists of pop, rock, jazz, Latin and blues music, besides its collaboration with many important labels and publishing companies.

Our firm has produced soundtracks for movies, radio programs, background music for documentaries, signature tunes and theme songs for television and radio shows.
The Recording Studio is provided with a medium-sized living room, a booth for the instruments that need a dry acoustic environment and separation, and a modern control room equipped with state-of-the-art Prism Sound converters. Our speakers are Yamaha NS10 and KRK. The studio is furnished with hardware processors such as Avalon, Audient, TL Audio, etc. As software we use audio Logic 9 and many plug-ins from IK Multimedia, Waves, Tc Electronics, Native Instruments and many others.
The utmost passion and skill that we’ve developed over the course of the years, give us the opportunity to achieve new and significant goals everyday.

A special thanks to the artists, colleagues, firms, media and the audience for giving us the opportunity to continue our work in this wonderful profession.


Recording Studio Maxy Sound Music Label

Maxy Sound Recording Studio