Stephy Nessy – Electro Swing


Stephy Nessy Electro Swing









Stephy Nessy started his career as an electro swing singer with a modern rendition of the classic Italian song Mambo Italiano. After her debut, she is now out with this powerful and cheerful original tune titled “Shoes”.
The video, which is available on her Vevo Channel, is derived from a 1934 cartoon and tells the story of Poor Cinderella. “This version of Cinderella is very electro swingy”, says Stephy Nessy “besides, it suits me perfectly” she continues while giggling.
The lyrics are about the irresistible wish to have a new pair of shoes, which is common to every girl, as if a simple pair of shoes can make your dreams come true and help you find Mr. Right.
The single, including radio edit and extended version, is out on label Maxy Sound and available to download or streaming.



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