Spotify Playlists Moods

Spotify Playlists Moods


Spotify Playlists Moods – 20 Spotify Playlists. One for Every Mood!

Every Spotify user knows that this incredible service that has revolutionized the music market has to offer a wide range of ready-made playlists across every genre and for every possible mood.

Since Spotify chooses music for you based on what you’re already listening to, you can listen to your Discover Weekly playlist which is a great tool but what if you wish to discover new artists, and new genres of music? or may be you are in particular mood and you are looking for music on Spotify that fits your current state of mind.

There’s so much more on Spotify waiting to be discovered: a wealthy range of music, artists and playlists made to meet your music tastes and moods. The challenge is finding the right ones for you. Building your own playlists is a great idea but it prevents you from discovering new music and it can be really time consuming.

Ready made playlists like the ones you find in our website are updated frequently, so you can keep discovering new music which is similar to the music you like.

Whether you like world music, Native American Music or music for relaxation, meditation, rock, Irish music, blues, music for events like Christmas and halloween or you are in the mood for a Asian Relaxing Bath  or you wish to listen to some acoustic music that gives you chills in a boring ordinary morning, this is the place for you.

Music has always been something I’ve needed and searched in my life and how about you?

Music has always made me feel something, especially in those times when I didn’t know how to tune into my needs or express emotions. Whether we are relaxing, writing, studying, meditating, traveling, editing, cooking or working out, some music lingering in the background is always a great addition to our lives. If you are in need of a mental break you can immerse yourself in a Restoring Sunday Chills  included in our mood playlists.

You may find yourself feeling nostalgic for places you visited like Ireland or places you’ve never been like Brazil.  Maybe you’d like to discover some new World Music or you wish to fall in love again on Saint Valentine’s Day  with all the best love longs ever written. Or maybe you just like grab a pint of Beer and celebrate with your friends at Saint Patrick’s Day celebrations with this great playlist including all the best Irish music.

If you are a business owner and wish to play music you should you use Spotify for Business and I would like to share with you the importance of choosing the right music weather you menage a restaurant, a pub, a spa, a hotel or a place where music is an essential part of your customer experience and satisfaction, just like lightings and furniture.

Here is an article about the right music you should choose in your restaurant. You’d better understand them as it’s proved that the right music can encourage patrons to stick around and spend up to 40 percent more on drinks and desserts.

We created playlists as examples of the right music for restaurants but you can use them for a dinner or a lunch with your friends at your place. Playlists for lunch like “International Lunch 1” have a faster bpm and are dynamic and fresh whereas dinner playlists such as “International Dinner 1” include softer and slower international pop music that will create the right atmosphere.

In order to create these Spotify playlists we took into account frequency content, speed and pace, popularity and many other factors which contribute to a perfect playlist.

We also created playlist for special time of the year like Christmas and Halloween  to give you the best selected music for every occasion.


Spotify Playlists Moods


Acoustic Morning Chills

Acoustic Morning Chills Spotify Playlists

International Dinner

International Dinner for Restaurants Spotify Playlists

Asian Relaxin Bath

Asian Relaxing Bath

Restoring Sunday Chills

Restoring Sunday Chills Spotify Playlists


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