Spotify Playlists Relax

Spotify Playlists Relax


Spotify Playlists Relax – The 5 best relaxing music playlists on Spotify.

Use them for Zen meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Spa, Sleep, Massage, for arts creating and study in background. The mantra frees our mind from anxiety, has cleansing effects and allows you to rise from the material to the spiritual level. Mantras, or transcendental sounds, have great power. They can free a person from anxiety and stress. Mantra meditation and its transcendental sounds are the door to a state of consciousness of love, harmony and true happiness. The music included in this playlist will have some beneficial effects on your body and health.

Every day our ears are constantly subjected to a myriad of information concerning the surrounding environment. Much of this information occurs in the form of sounds. They help us to become aware of possible dangers and together with the other senses, they cause reactions that induce stress. From a physiological point of view, stress is something that happens when we feel in danger. When this happens, our body produces as much energy as possible in the form of oxygen and sugar, which transported by the blood, gives us the opportunity to react by running away or fighting. At the same time, the adrenal glands release cortisol into the blood. Cortisol, the stress hormone, helps convert fats into sugars, which is the energy we need to escape or face a danger. Many of us live without paying attention to the large amount of sounds and music to which we are subjected every day. Some of these sounds (e.g. two people arguing, a car horn, a scream, a person crying, etc.) trigger the hints of stress. In the long run these and other factors lead us to a state of chronic stress that causes anger, depression, negativity, pain and discomfort. If we regularly listen to relaxing music, it acts as a counterweight to all these stressful factors, producing significant benefits for our mental and physical health.

These are some of the positive effects of music on our body:


1) Reduction of the level of stress and cortisol in the blood.

Music has been shown to reduce stress and cortisol levels in the blood before, during and after surgery, angiography and colonoscopies. It has also been noted that the relaxing effects of music on patients reduce the amount of anesthesia needed. Listening to music regularly, helping us to relieve stress, allows us to improve the quality of sleep, the necessary ingredient for a peaceful and balanced existence. Listening to relaxing music combined with deep breathing and meditation before going to sleep predisposes us to a peaceful and restful sleep.


2) Increased happiness with the supply of serotonin

Many studies have shown that listening to relaxing music and the sounds of nature for a reasonable amount of time increases blood serotonin levels. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter also called “The happiness hormone”. It gives us good mood, better rest, learning ability, appetite and memory.


3) Better communication between the neurons of our brain

It has been proven that playing a musical instrument helps us communicate more effectively and increase our space-time intelligence. The researchers also found that listening to music also contributes to a better interconnection between our brain hemispheres, increasing and facilitating their communication.


4) Reduction of heart rate, blood pressure and concentration.

Listening to relaxing music reduces blood pressure; heart rate and breathing slow down. These benefits help to have a better awareness of ourselves and to achieve our goals more easily. For this reason, music can help students stay focused and achieve better study results.


5) Growth of pleasure.

Music transmits to our brain a pleasant sensation given by the release of dopamine, a powerful neurotransmitter that plays an important role in the control of movements, in motivation, in excitement, in cognition, increases the sense of esteem and acceptance and improves some functions of basis including milk production in women and sexual gratification.


Today it is very easy to find ourselves with very high stress levels without even realizing what triggered them and why. The burden of responsibility, the recurring negative thoughts and the stressful lives we lead need to be loosened. To help you reduce stress levels you can lie down in a comfortable position, breathe deeply, close your eyes and let yourself be carried away by the music of our Spotify playlists with a theme of relaxation, meditation born to help you feel better thanks to the positive effects of music.

Some playlists include music from TCO and other great artists such as Enya, Vangelis, Kitaro, Jan Michel Jarre, Enigma, Yanni, David Arkenstone, Lorena MCKennitt, Mike Oldfield, Tangerine Dream, Era, Eloy Frisch, David Lanz, Peter Carter, Sarah Brighman , 2002, Keiko Matsui, Diane Aekenstone, Hennie BekkerJohn Serrie, Ney Angelis, Dead Can Dance, Secret Garden, Arpan Sen, Jon Anderson, Anima Keltia, Andreas Vollenweider, Ryuichi Nakamoto, George Winston, Indian Calling, George Winston, Deep Forest, Shadowfax, Medwyn Goodall, Gregorian, Michael Hedges, Cher, David Darling, Jason Kouchak, Deuter, Mannheim Steamroller, Jens Gad, Mannheim Steamroller, Jim Brickman, Philip Glass, David Wright, Erik Wollo, Chris Spheeris, Karunesh, Tron Syversen, Peter Calandra, Buddha Bar, Café del Mar and all the best pieces of relaxing and new age music.

In particular, the music of India, especially those produced by the band TCO, have a particular relaxing and concentration power as they are often religious raga or mantras played with instruments such as: Bulbul Tarang, Dotar, Dotora, or Dotara, Ektara, Getchu Vadyam or Jhallari, Gopichand or Gopiyantra or Khamak, Gottuvadhyam or Chitravina, Katho, Sarod, Sitar, Surbahar, Surshringar, Swarabat, Swarmandal, Tambura, Tritantri Veena, Tumbi, Tuntuna, Magadi Veena, Hansa Veena Veena, Nanduni, Pamiri rubab, Rudra Veena, Sagar Veena, Saraswati Veena, Vichitra Veena, Yazh, Ranjan Veena,Rubab (instrument), Triveni Veena, Dhodro Banam, Chikara, Dilruba, Ektara violin, Esraj, Kamaicha, Kingri, Mayuri Vina or Taus, Onavillu, Behala (violin type), Pena (musical instrument), Pulluvan Veena – one stringed violin, Ravanahatha, Sarangi, Classical Sarangi, Sarinda, Tar Shehnai, Villu Paatu – arched bow instrument, Gethu or Jhallari – struck tanpura, Gubguba or Jamuku (khamak), Pulluvan kutam, Santoor – Hammered dulcimer.

A mantra is a divine sound that has been received or experienced by an adept in the state of deep samadhi which means spiritual absorption. A mantra is often in the form of a revealed word. It is a form of spiritual energy, like a compact prayer, the sound body of the Divine Being. Yogis and mystics and say that mantra is an eternal friend who accompanies the meditator forever by lighting the way in the realm where the sun and the moon cannot penetrate. According to yoga tradition, mantra is the power of the spiritual master thus the essence of guru shakti. Mantras included in this playlist will help you meditate, relax and find your divine being.

Sometimes relaxing music music is more electronic with the use of environments such as water, rain, wind, fire and instruments such as piano or acoustic guitar or celtic harp to promote meditation, relaxation with curative music effect, excellent for reiki, yoga, mindfulness practices or for balancing the chakras such as traces with Tibetan bells, or with a frequency of 432 hz which it is said to be the natural frequency of the universe and to have cosmic healing powers. These playlists are also fabulous for massages, treatments with water or mold or stones, wellness centers, spas, for kids sleep and for difficulty falling asleep or for insomnia, to achieve a state of serenity with the help of the chill out music contained in these Spotify playlists. Some also use them to study as they increase concentration.



Spotify Playlists Relax


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